Corporate Profile | Our Philosophy

"We are dedicated to improving and growing the quality of our business for our customers, employees, suppliers and communities. Our companies and employees are leaders in their industries, valuing teamwork, professionalism, and hard work. Everyone within these organizations recognizes the importance of continuous improvement and servicing the customer."
     - Jeffrey L. Mackin, President


The ultimate goal of Interlock Industries, Inc. is to support our companies through growth initiatives and opportunities so that they can truly build strong companies that provide customer satisfaction and enhanced employee commitment.

To maintain its industry leadership, each business:

  • Provides superior service and value in fulfilling customer needs with quality products, innovative solutions and competitive alternatives that enable them to achieve their goals.
  • Uses technology to leverage performance and enhance its value towards execution and continuous improvement.
  • Attracts and retains top performers through empowerment, training and development.
  • Is committed to building long-term relationships with suppliers to support them while helping to strengthen ourselves.
  • Maintains integrity in all interactions while committed to the highest level of ethical conduct wherever we operate.